Leticia - Derradda financial services Senior financial advisor

Senior Financial Advisor

I support Cathal by handling administrative tasks, interacting with clients, conducting financial research, maintaining records, assisting with analysis and reporting, and staying updated on relevant financial regulations and trends. The dynamic nature of the industry offers a continuous and engaging learning experience. The ability to connect with people, understand their unique circumstances, and provide personalised solutions is extremely rewarding. It brings a deep sense of fulfilment and purpose to my work at Derradda.

Get to know Leticia

What’s your favourite place?

My favourite place is my home, Brazil. It is a treasure that holds the heartbeats of those I hold dearest, and it will forever remain an irreplaceable sanctuary of love and belonging. It is a place where I can be my truest self, surrounded by the unconditional love and support of my family.

What is your passion/hobby?

Going to the beach for a walk or a dip is my passion, especially when shared with friends and family. It brings joy, tranquillity, and creates cherished memories.

Never have I ever…
Gone an entire day without laughing.