Retirement planning,
a way to secure your future

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Effective pension planning is the key to securing your future. We are experienced pension advisors, based in Dublin but covering all of Ireland, who can help you understand how to plan ahead and reach your financial goals. Book a call back or call + (353) 1 8186104 to speak directly to an expert. We will help you determine…

  • How much you can afford to save
  • What you need to save to meet your goals
  • How much risk you’re willing to accept

When Did You Last Have Your Pension Checked?

Are you confused about what to do with your current pension pot? We’ll ensure your pension is working for you. Let us review your current arrangements and discover if your funds are underperforming or you’re paying unnecessarily high charges. Together we’ll make sure you’re set for retirement.


The hidden potential
of your past pensions

Unsure about what’s happened to your pensions from previous employment? We’ll help you to locate and register these pension pots in your own name, ensuring that you benefit from the funds you’ve accrued throughout your career.

Derradda - Pension Advisors Dublin

Bring all your pensions under one manager

You can rely on us to make sure your pension is set up to reach your financial goals. Bringing all your pension pots under the control of one manager lets you follow a consistent retirement strategy. Plus, with one point of contact you’ll always know who to approach with any questions.

Get tax relief on your
pension contributions

Start planning for your future today. Contributing towards your pension is a smart investment. As well as providing the peace of mind that your future is secure, pension contributions reduce your tax liability, making sure that your income goes towards your retirement. Any growth inside your pension will also be tax free, unlike savings or other investments. Our advisors will help you to understand this, letting you allocate your money in the manner that benefits you the most.


Take control of your pension today

Your pension planning journey starts here! Book a call back to discuss your options. You can also call + (353) 1 8186104, email, or fill out our online form for a swift response.

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What makes us the right choice?

Personal service

Personal service

We’ll build a close relationship with you so we can fully understand your financial goals and appetite for risk. This will allow us to recommend the right strategy for your pension.



You’ll find us easy to work with. There are no hidden fees to worry about and our efficient processes will spare you any hassle. You can also review and adjust your pension strategy every year.

Fully qualified

Fully qualified

Our qualified financial advisors care about your future. You’ll benefit from their expertise and knowledge of different financial products, helping you to make the right decisions.

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Find out how much you need to save for your retirement income.

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Review your pension today

Consult our comparison chart to see how different pension funds have performed over time.

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Calculate how tax relief affects your pension contributions.

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Is your pension working hard or being neglected? Let’s find out

Discuss your pension options with our team. You can call + (353) 1 8186104 or email for a swift response to any pension queries you may have.