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When should you get financial advice?

It is often the case that people look for expert financial advice because they’ve been told to. This means they have little to no knowledge at all about what makes financial advisors so crucial in their financial journeys. Don’t worry! Before we begin to talk about our financial services, we’ll help you understand why you need them in the first place.

Life Transitions - Derradda financial advisors will provide financial guidance in your major life events

Life transitions

Whether it’s starting a family, buying a home, or planning for retirement, major life events often require financial guidance to make informed decisions.

At Derradda, we provide expertise covering pensions, investments, and protection

Business growth

As a business expands, financial advice becomes crucial for managing cash flow, investments, and long-term financial strategies. It’s also important to have employee benefits such as life cover, income protection and pensions in place, no matter how small or big your company is.

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Whether you’re a novice or experienced investor, expert advice can help you make sound investment choices, diversify your portfolio, and mitigate risks.

At Derradda, we provide the best financial advice for your retirement benefits

Retirement planning

The earlier you start planning for retirement, the better. Financial advisors can help you build a solid retirement fund and ensure you’re financially secure during your golden years.

We provide professional financial advice so you are ready to face any unexpected events

Unexpected events

Whether it’s a medical emergency or a sudden downturn in business, unforeseen circumstances may necessitate financial guidance to adapt and recover.

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Expert financial advice for individuals in Dublin

Embarking on a journey towards financial security? It’s a path paved with countless opportunities and, sometimes, a few tricky turns. That’s where expert financial advice comes into play. Making sound financial decisions can significantly impact your future. This includes having a retirement plan in place, making smart investment decisions, as well as deciding on the right protection plans.

At Derradda, we’re an experienced team of financial advisors based in Dublin, who are dedicated to ensuring a secure financial journey for you. We prioritise your financial protection whilst making sure that your assets grow, safeguarding your interests. With the latest data and expertise, we’re your trusted partner for a secure financial future.

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Financial advice for businesses

When it comes to businesses, the need for financial advice can be broken down into two important aspects: employee benefits packages and business protection plans. To be able to attract and retain top-tier talent in the industry, you must offer people certain benefits such as a company pension scheme, group life insurance, and group income protection. When you care about your employees’ financial well-being, they care about you and your business in return.

The second equally crucial aspect is protecting your business. We at Derradda Financial Services offer Key Person Insurance, Co-Director Insurance, and Partnership Insurance to make sure that you’re always prepared to deal with unforeseen circumstances.

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How much does it cost to get financial advice in Dublin?

Cost is surely an important factor when hiring professional financial advisors for your individual or business needs in Ireland. During our initial (free) consultation, we assess your requirements and together we decide which services you need for a healthy financial future. Accordingly, we give you a quote that meets your needs as well as your budget.

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Getting financial advice from us – how does it work for you?

With over 25 years’ experience within the team, our best financial advisors will take the time to understand your current financial position through a personalised and thorough review. During the free consultation, we’ll ask:

  • What are your financial goals?
  • Are you protected against potential financial problems?
  • How much can you afford to save?
  • Are you eying an early retirement and, if so, does it match your current financial situation?
  • When did you last have your pension checked?
  • Do your financial goals align with your life goals and dreams?
  • What financial planning must you have in place for dealing with unforeseeable circumstances?
  • If you’re a business owner, what financial benefits and protection must you offer employees and how must you protect your business?

Depending on what you and our financial planner find out, we will then advise you on the required financial services tailored to your needs, including:

  • A thorough pension review
  • Bringing all your pensions under one manager
  • Personalised advice for pension calculations
  • Tax relief on your pension contributions
  • Understanding investment risks and putting your money in the right place
  • Life insurance
  • Serious illness cover
  • Income protection
  • Mortgage protection
  • Best employee benefits solutions and business protection plans

Why choose us for expert financial advice in Dublin?

Balanced pair of scales shows that we impart independent and impartial financial advice at Derradda

Independent, impartial, and personalised advice

We offer unbiased guidance tailored to your unique goals. With no hidden agendas, our experts work solely in your best interests, ensuring your financial decisions align with your aspirations and offering you clarity and peace of mind.

Certified symbol to demonstrate that we have qualified financial advisors with 25+ years’ experience at Derradda

Fully qualified financial advisors

We are a team of qualified financial advisors with 25+ years’ experience in the industry and thorough knowledge of the financial products available to you. No matter what your needs and present financial situation are, we will help you with the right advice.

Regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland

Our financial services are regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland, thus making sure that you can rely on us and our services to effectively secure your financial future.

At Derradda, we have a responsive team that caters to your financial planning needs

Responsive team

We’re always there to cater to your financial planning needs. If you don’t want to request and wait for a callback, you can also simply give us a call on + (353) 1 8186104. You can also visit us at our Dublin 3 office to sit with us to discuss your requirements.

At Derradda, we have no hidden fees for any of our financial services

We are transparent

Our approach is straightforward and there are no hidden fees associated with any of our financial services. You can discuss your financial plans, goals, and doubts with us without worrying about a thing!

Hire a professional financial advisor in Dublin

Getting hold of your finances doesn’t have to be a daunting task. Especially when Derradda Financial Services is around to guide and help. We’ll help you create a comprehensive plan for securing your financial future by helping manage your pensions, offering investment advice, and enabling you to protect your loved ones against adverse life situations. Get financial advice from us today!

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Let’s get you started with expert financial planning

It is never too late to start doing the right thing – in this case, it’s setting your strategic financial goals and creating a stress-free financial future! Call + (353) 1 8186104 or email and together we will get moving in the right direction.