Our frequently asked questions

What do financial services include?

Financial services are bespoke to each client as everyone has individual business needs, that the services need to compliment to. We offer a wide array of products and assistance, including banking, investments, pensions, insurance, and advisory, designed to manage and enhance the financial well-being of individuals and organisations.

How can I calculate my pension with a pension calculator?

To use a pension calculator, you input relevant details your age, the age which you would like to retire, how much you would like a month in retirement and any existing pension contributions. We have our own pension calculator – https://www.derradda.ie/financial-services/pensions/calculator

What’s the significance of comparing pension managed funds?

Comparing pension managed funds is vital to optimise returns, manage risk, and ensure that your retirement investment aligns with your financial goals and risk tolerance.

What are the key benefits of investment services?

Investment services offer key benefits such as professional management of assets, potential for return on investments, diversification of portfolio, and strategic alignment with financial goals and risk appetite.

Why should I consult a financial advisor?

Consulting a financial advisor provides you with expert guidance, personalized financial strategies, impartial advice and support in making informed decisions to navigate through the complexities of financial planning and achieve your goals efficiently. At Derradda, we seek across various different product providers the most suitable funds that align with your individual needs and circumstances.

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