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“Planning is the cornerstone of a secure and fulfilling retirement, ensuring a comfortable lifestyle and peace of mind in your later years. By making thoughtful decisions, setting realistic goals, and implementing effective saving and investment strategies, we can help you build a solid financial foundation that adapts to your ever-changing needs.”

Cathal McHugh
Company founder Cathal McHugh - Founder of Derradda: A financial services company

Your reliable financial advisor based in Wexford, Ireland

Want to understand the secrets to financial success? Our team of financial advisors in Wexford is well-equipped to guide towards financial stability. With over 25 years of collective experience in pensions, protection, and investments, our team comes highly recommended in Ireland. Get started and achieve your financial goals with our caring and knowledgeable team. Take the first step in securing your financial future—schedule a callback today or ring us at + (353) 1 8186104.

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At Derradda, we provide expertise covering pensions, investments, and protection

Delving into subjects such as pensions, investments, and protection

At Derradda, we have a responsive team that caters to your needs

A responsive and accommodating team of experienced professionals

Derradda has an office in Dublin 3 where you can visit in person.

Wishing for an in-person meeting? Visit our Dublin 3 office

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You can give us a call at + (353) 1 8186104 or you can also drop us an email at cathal@derradda.ie. Along with our expert team, you can plan your next steps to reach financial stability. Alternatively, book a callback or fill out our online form for a rapid response.

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We take pride in each of our clients’ successes. Here’s what they have to say about us:

Let’s secure your financial future together

          • Pension

            Crafted to enhance your future income and navigate tax responsibilities with finesse.

          • Protection

            Options to secure your peace of mind by protecting loved ones and business in unexpected circumstances.

          • Investments

            6. Aiding you in investing effectively and responsibly, devising a strategy that reflects your objectives and risk appetite.


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We are committed to charting out top-notch financial plans to help you achieve financial stability. Here’s how we do it:

Personal service - At Derradda, we make close relationship to fully understand your financial goals and appetite for risk.

Personalised expert guidance

By working closely in tandem, we can extend the best possible advice to you. We’ll grasp your requirements, assisting you in accomplishing financial goals with the appropriate strategy for the future.

At Derradda, we have no hidden fees for any of our services.

Lucid communication

Our services entail no concealed fees. Our approach is straightforward. We unfailingly act in your best interests, guaranteeing you derive the greatest benefit from your financial decisions.

Fully qualified - Financial advisor at Derradda have a full and thorough understanding of the financial products.

Able and competent team

Proficient and capable financial advisors, adept at delivering expert guidance tailored to your specific needs, ensuring sound financial decisions for your future.

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Want to achieve financial stability and not sure where to begin? Our genius financial advisors will guide you. Reach out to us at + (353) 1 8186104 or email info@derradda.ie, and together, we can set and achieve your financial goals.